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July 17, 2014


living room

gallery wall

[gallery wall in the living room that I started…but never finished]


A while back I made a point to snap a few pictures of our current apartment. I knew that soon enough the you-know-what would hit the fan and it would be a mess in here. I love this apartment and I want to remember it in a good (clean) way.

I’m sad to leave the place we called home for over 3 years. This was the only apartment we lived at in Arizona, and I will always envision it when I think about our time here. It was also Dexter’s first home with us, which gave us an excuse to get out more often and meet the neighbors!

I’m thrilled I took these pictures before the packing process began, everything is such a mess now! We got rid of the end tables in the bedroom and we’re currently using stacked moving boxes as nightstands. So chic, right?





What I will miss the most about this place….

1. The Space

This apartment has a townhouse layout, which allows us to spread out across many levels. Finding an apartment with 3 levels, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a 2 car garage is almost unheard of (and surprisingly it’s affordable). Running up and down the stairs all day has really gotten me into shape, especially in the hot summer months! It’s also been nice not having any neighbors above and below us.

2. The Garage

Having a 2 car garage may appear pointless in a climate without snow, but trust me– it’s a necessity in Arizona. If you had a black car (like I do) that bakes all day in the sun, you would agree. The garage was also handy for storage (since the apartment is severely lacking closet space).

3. The View

I love the view from our spare bedroom that overlooks the pool, you’ve probably seen it many times on my Instagram . We have a couch against the wall on the window and I love to just sit there and look at the mountains and reflect.

4. The Natural Light

Our unit faces both east & west, which makes for great photography lighting in the morning and evening. My photography “assistant” would agree with this (when he’s awake).




Unfortunately, the only area that didn’t have good natural light was the kitchen since it’s in the middle of the floor plan. Hence the reason why I rarely shot any of my food pictures there.

I’m sad to leave the memories of this apartment behind, but excited to make new ones in Texas. Not to mention, it will be nice to have a real pantry again. The only major area this apartment was lacking was in closet (and pantry) space. The lack of pantry meant I lost countless cans of beans in the back of my cupboards over the past 3 years. Maybe the increased storage space at the new apartment will inspire me to start cooking again!



  • Leigha @ The Yooper Girl

    Your apartment had THREE floors?! Wow. Crazy! I’m totally with you on living out of boxes. I just had to live with my grandparents for a month and I lived out of a suitcase. Not to mention I slept on a mattress in the basement! Good luck on the move <3 :)

    • Kathryn

      Yes, it’s crazy how many times I run up and down the stairs on a daily basis! It’s been nice having so many levels, but I’m excited for our new place as well. I can definitely relate to living out of a suitcase right now. I can’t wait to get settled in Texas!

  • Libby

    Hey Kathryn! I found your blog through a comment you left on According to Elle, and I live in the Phoenix area as well! I am actually looking to move this summer and was wondering if you could direct me to your complex? It sounds perfect – I would love a garage and a little more space. Thanks!

    • Kathryn

      Hey Libby! Such a small world, glad you found the blog! Where are you looking to move? I live in North Scottsdale, if you’re looking up this way I’d be happy to give you more info. Shoot me an email at:, that way I can give you more specifics! xo

  • Melissa @ Nourish By Melissa

    Beautiful appartment! Good luck in Texas!

  • Erin @ The Almond Eater

    Oh my gosh what a beautiful apartment! I know in time your new apartment will feel like home too :) Especially if you keep those gorgeous decorations.

    • Kathryn

      I know I will feel at home once I get everything settled and start decorating! It’s the crazy disorganized process of moving out that is making me crazy right about now!

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