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July 25, 2014





[mini peppers growing in the urban garden at our complex]


Did you know that the sun doesn’t set until 9:00 p.m. in some parts of the country? Crazy, right? I remember when I first moved to Arizona, it was really tough for me to come to terms with the fact that the sun sets at 7:30 in the summer. Texas, thank you for the extended daylight!

As a result of the late sunsets, I’ve been so productive in terms of getting my errands done. The weather has been gorgeous this week, and I’ve been taking advantage of it. As a result, I haven’t been inside on the computer very much. The exception was Wednesday evening when I had to comfort Dexter as he experienced his first Texas thunderstorm. Thankfully, he forgot about it the next day when it was sunny and he was able to sprint around on the grass.

Each day that passes by I start to feel slightly more acclimated. My friend Erica @ Luv in the Bubble shared this post about moving with me and it really hit the spot. I can definitely relate to the fact that it takes at least a year for you to adjust completely after moving to a new city. I know this is true from the last time I moved.

The first year I was in Arizona I felt out of whack a bit, but was so excited to live in a new city that I didn’t mind. Ohio will always be my home, but I made so may friends and memories in Arizona and I really grew to love it. I also loved being within driving distance to California and Las Vegas. Who knows, maybe we will move back one day. Only time will tell!

I can’t believe I’m starting my dietetic internship in a little over a week. I received my rotation schedule for the year and I have nearly 30 rotations. My jaw dropped when I saw it. I’m really excited I will be exposed to practically all areas of clinical nutrition. Everything from cardiology, oncology, trauma, neurology, bariatrics, NICU, and more. I will have so much to blog about!

My work schedule varies with each rotation and flexibility will be a necessary trait for me to have this year. I hope to continue my usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule. It’s much more manageable (and enjoyable) for me than posting everyday.

I’m excited to explore more of the city this weekend with Greg. Dallas has some beautiful suburbs. Uptown, Highland Park, and University Park are so charming and scenic–I love the southern architecture. If you have any restaurant suggestions in Dallas let me know!


  • Liz @ I Heart Vegetables

    Ohio will always be home for me as well! It definitely took some adjusting when I moved to Virginia but I did feel settled after about a year. Now that I’m married and truly “settling” it feels even more like home!

    • Kathryn

      Isn’t that the best when you finally start settling in! I know I will be there at some point!

  • Erica

    Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and that you’re settling in!

  • Amy @ Long Drive Journey

    I’m glad the weather is treating you well this week! One of my favorite things about living in Wisconsin was that the sun set so late. Of course, the sun set ridiculously early in the winter, so it was give and take!

    • Amy @ Long Drive Journey

      Oh P.S. I just realized that you linked to a vmac+cheese post. If you don’t read Victoria’s blog, you should. Based on where you are taking your blog, I think you would really enjoy it.

      • Kathryn

        I’ve read a few of her posts, and I actually found her blog from her blog design website vivaleur! I’m enjoying it so far :)

    • Kathryn

      Not looking forward to the early sunsets in the winter by any means, but I’m enjoying the extra hours of daylight right now!

  • Dana P

    Taking a break from the computer must be nice – even if just for a bit. Sounds like you are really getting to relax a bit before your DI starts. Good for you!

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